About a year or so ago I wrote a post about what I consider one of the best forums out there for those of us that enjoy dabbling around on the internet in pursuit of that (all to elusive) internet riches. The Pond is one of those rare commodities on […]

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Well, I resisted for the longest time! A couple of the private forums I’m a member of have many members taking a renewed interest in creating Squidoo lens’s, especially as sales pages for affiliate offers, in particular Amazon products. To be honest I thought Squidoo a bit of “fad”, but […]

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Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here! The reason? In a word “Amazon”! Like thousands of other small time affiliate marketer guru wannabes, Google and it’s zoo of Panda’s & Penguins kind of kicked the crap out of me & frankly I lost the enthusiasm needed to keep posting here. It’s easier […]

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Have you been checking any of your websites stats lately? Been seeing a few wild rides in the SERPs? Been lurking in the doom & gloom of some forums lamenting the latest Google Algorithm tweaks? Ready to say “Google – you win, it’s just not worth it? If so, (& […]

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Succinct but true! No further comment necessary…. Edit Peter (Sire’s) comment below got me thinking…. Google is not God? Well, as a budding Internet Marketer, you sure could have fooled me. If you’re involved in any type of online endeavors just think of how many times in an average day […]

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Thanks  SEObyJennifer.com for this free rank checking tool

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One of the neat things about spending time in this Internet Marketing world is you kind of “evolve” over time. Heaven knows I have! Like a good many others I’m sure, I have my fair share of memories of stuff that I’ve tried over the years, and have a couple of […]

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